UPIC by Plus Corporation


A Transportable, Wireless Wall

Upic by PLUS Coporation uses Anoto Live™ Surface technology to create a large, wireless interactive panel that can be rolled up for easy transportation. Made of lightweight material, the UPIC can be easily attached to any magnetic surface for digital writing and drawing. When you write on the UPIC all information appears on your computer screen in real-time.

The portability of the UPIC makes it one of the most versatile and interactive design tools on the market.

Features of the UPIC

  • Panel rolls up and fits in a carrying case for quick & easy transportation
  • Easy setup requires only one person
  • Completely wireless– requires no power and uses Bluetooth digital pen
  • Can be used like traditional whiteboard or projection screen
  • Attach to any magnetic surface, like whiteboards, blackboards, or steel walls.