The Anoto Live Board kit provides the ideal foundation for building interactive whiteboard solutions. Our incredibly versatile digital pen technology combined with our microdot-pattern and software bundle work seamlessly to build and distribute the perfect learning surface for the educational market. Build your smartest board yet. Once installed, the Anoto Digital Pen assumes mouse functionality, giving the user the option to draw on the board with its stylus tip, or utilize a button-click for additional options, including the ability to scroll across the page.



The Anoto Live Board Kit is offered to board fabricators seeking to build an interactive whiteboard solution.
End users are primarily educational institutions.

The Anoto Live Board kit includes the following components:

  • Ceramic Steel Sheet (96’’) with the unique Anoto pattern
  • Anoto Digital Pen 601 with plastic nib
  • USB cable for charging the pen
  • USB Bluetooth dongle for communication between computer and pen
  • 2 extra plastic nibs
  • Nib extractor to simplify changing the nibs
  • We-Inspire Core Software for Anoto Live Board enabling mouse functionality for the digital pen

Board fabricators mount the ceramic steel sheet in their frames and then have the option to bundle this with additional software, projector and PC.


Anoto Live Board is available for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) purchase and use.


For customers in the North American market, Anoto recommends the PolyVision ēno interactive whiteboard. It offers similar features and is based on Anoto Live Surface & Digital Pen technologies. Please note that the digital pens sold with the Anoto Live Board Kit are not compatible with the ēno whiteboard, and digital pens sold with the ēno are not compatible with the interactive whiteboards based on the Anoto Live Board Kit.


For the best user experience, Anoto recommends that a top-mounted recent model PC projector is used. Desk based projectors will operate sufficiently, but there will be more frequent recalibration of the pen if the projector is not stationary.


Anoto Live Board software is compatible with computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Please note that there are no limitations on the number of computers that can download the software, i.e. several users can utilize the product with their own computers/laptops.


You can download the Anoto Live Board Kit data sheet here