Fuji Xerox printers

Fuji Xerox provides the following Anoto Qualified Printers in Japan.

A3 Printer models:

Color MultiWriter 9110C

DocuPrint C3350
DocuPrint C3360
DocuPrint C4000 d
DocuPrint C5000 d
DocuPrint C5005 d

For further information about these printers see: http://www.fujixerox.co.jp/solution/printer/anoto.html

Printer Setup Information
Download and follow the settings instructions in the Printer Setup Information list, to set up your printer to print the Anoto dot pattern.

The printer profile can be used in the design tool where you design paper products enabling Anoto functionality. The Printer profile will generate output with optimal printer settings for the specific printer model.

DocuPrint C3450 d Setup Guide                                                 

DocuPrint C3350 Setup Guide
DocuPrint C3360 Setup Guide
DocuPrint C4000 d Setup Guide
DocuPrint C5000 d Setup Guide
Fuji Xerox Printer profile 01

Qualification details and Technical contacts
For qualification details and Fuji Xerox Technical contact information, please see Fuji Xerox's Anoto Qualified Printing Solution and Technical Contacts.


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