Turn any paper into Anoto Paper with the Anoto Pattern. Our Qualified and Tested Printers work with Anoto to enable quality Pattern printing for a variety of creative uses.

Whether one chooses to purchase a printer that has merely been tested, or one that has been qualified, is ultimately up to the end user and what specifications best suit their needs. Some tested printers might be more cost-effective. Tested printers give consumers a wider range of printers to choose from. Printers that have merely been tested are better suited for users that may not necessarily require the same level of quality that proven, qualified printers offer.

Tested printers have not gone through the extensive evaluation that their qualified counterparts have, so support is not included.  This is primarily due to the wide array of included features such as colour control and postscript compatibility that is built in to a printer’s firmware and driver system by manufacturers. We do, however, provide a general framework of guidance on what to look for in a tested, unqualified, printer. We suggest the following specifications: A color laser/inkjet printer that gives you the ability to disable all color controls with a minimum of 600 dpi (1200 dpi recommended) that is Adobe postscript compatible.

Anoto has also compiled a non-exhaustive list of qualified printers in addition to the results of printers tested by Anoto, Anoto partners, and associated printer manufacturers to give you a look into many of the options available.  Find the list here.

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