Anoto Technology Licensing Partners
In addition to partners who sell existing digital writing business solutions, Anoto works with many partners to design their own digital writing hardware and custom firmware for their individual markets.

Anoto Technology partners receive:

  • Reference Design for hardware and firmware
  •  Access to Anoto IDEs or firmware development
  • Pen Communication & Pattern Processing SDKs

Anoto integrates “microdots magic” within the new Panasonic 4K tablet

Panasonic recently revealed its latest tablet combining 4K technology with a new 20-inch screen. The new tablet has been designed to have a wide viewing angle so 4K content can easily be shared with others, making it ideal for consumers working in professional graphics and engineering design. When used specifically within environments such as photography, the tablet can help to monitor a live camera during a photo shoot or even assist architects when altering architectural blueprints to share remotely with others.

Anoto is a global leader in digital writing. By working in partnership with Panasonic we have integrated our high-precision, digital writing technology with Panasonic’s advanced touch-screen products. The result is the unique capability to use a digital pen as an accessory with the Panasonic tablet to sketch, draw and write on touch displays with the natural look and feel of paper.

Innovative technology that delivers high quality precision

The latest Panasonic tablet integrates the patented Anoto Microdot Pattern that has a unique combination of microdots with different reference positions. When the user writes on the tablet, a built-in camera traces the movement of the pen; the pattern embedded within the touch display indicates the exact position of the digital pen. The camera takes snapshots up to 100 times per second to ensure that the touchscreen displays what the user writes with amazing accuracy. The pen transmits the handwriting in real-time to any application on the tablet, such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, or other design automation tools.

Innovative and effective solutions for creative industrial design

The tablet screen displays images at a 3840 x 2560 resolution in a 15:10 aspect ratio, which leaves the pixels almost imperceptible from up close.  When accompanied with a digital pen, the tablet can be used for creative design, photo editing, and design collaboration.

Visit the Panasonic website to find out more about the Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 tablet

 Toughpad 4K Gallery


See the Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen in action on the 4K tablet screen.

 Panasonic video 1.PNG (1) 

Panasonic Toughpad 4K Tablet for Professionals

  Panasonic video 2.PNG (1)

The World's Only 4K Tablet


Tstudy is a high-tech company that develops and markets integrated business solution to the education industry and promotes Anoto products and services in East Asia. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, Tstudy Group includes Tstudy China and Tstudy Korea. Tstudy China Co. Ltd. is responsible for business in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

Visit Tstudy's website here.

Download a slide show of recent Tstudy news events here.

Watch a video about TStudy and Anoto


The Echo™ and Sky™ smartpens record and link audio to what you write, so you never miss a word. The smartpen records everything you hear and write. Then replay the recorded audio by tapping directly on your notes. Combined with the Livescribe Desktop software that saves your notes to your computer, you can then search for words within your notes. Export your notes and audio locally as PDF or audio files. With the Sky™ smartpen, your recorded notes and audio are automatically sent wirelessly and securely stored in your Evernote® account where you can quickly search and share your lectures, meetings and ideas any time on nearly any device.

Visit the Livescribe website here

Watch a video about Livescribe and Anoto


Watch video about LeapFrog Tag Reading System

The Leapfrog Tag™ touch reading system turns reading into an endless adventure. Tag™ is the number 1 best-selling reading system that brings more than 30 books and games magically to life, inspiring a lifelong love of reading.

Flexibility and Interactivity Provide Stimulation: View Case Story here
Visit the Leapfrog Tag website here

Watch 2003 LeapFrog commercial


OpenNote is an innovative writing communication enabled by the collaborative learning tool. OpenNOTE displays students writing on the teachers PS screen in real time. OpenNOTE helps the teacher to find students who require assistance by indicating the level of understanding and thinking process in an ongoing class environment.


PolyVision’s revolutionary new interactive whiteboard, ēno™, is a breakthrough solution that combines the simplicity and ease of a traditional ceramic steel surface with interactive performance - without all the cords, cables or costly installation.

ēno™ combines a virtually indestructible and environmentally certified traditional whiteboard with interactive performance. However, ēno™ requires no cords, cables or costly installation.

ēno's unique design helps teachers move from traditional to interactive in just a few hours. With its environmentally-certified surface and no wires or cables, a safe classroom is guaranteed.

Video about ēno™ by PolyVision and Anoto


The UPIC wireless interactive panel turns any blackboard or whiteboard into an interactive board. UPIC is portable and wireless and these two features combine to make the UPIC not only unique, but also one of the most versatile interactive products on the market.

Made of a thin and lightweight material, the UPIC is easy to transport. The panel rolls up and can be quickly packed away in its carrying case.

Its magnet backing allows one person to easily set up the UPIC on any surface to which a magnet can be adhered: a blackboard, a whiteboard, or a steel wall.

Visit the PLUS website here


Oxford Papershow™ is an interactive writing solution where the notebook is virtually connected to the projected screen. It consists of a wireless digital pen, a USB Bluetooth key and a range of interactive notebooks and pages.

Visit the Papershow website here