In today's business environment, efficiency rules. Success demands cutting costs and maximizing profit while still delivering a great product and providing excellent customer service. Anoto Live™maximizes business process efficiency across your entire enterprise. Whether you intend to introduce a mobile data capture solution in the future or need to integrate your existing paper based processes, digital writing leverages your existing investment while simultaneously delivering


Anoto Live™ forms digital writing solution makes mobile data capture and integration as simple as writing with pen and paper, allowing you to move handwriting to computer and automate workflow in real-time.

Anoto invented digital writing technology over 10 years ago with a simple but effective idea: Enabling real-time capture of handwritten information as digital data and then automating subsequent document processing throughout an enterprise vastly improves overall efficiency. The technology is centered around a digital pen that utilizes a small camera situated under the ball-point tip and a nearly invisible dot-pattern printed on paper forms. The digital data captured by this game-changing technology fully integrates into complex business systems operations through the Anoto Live™ forms platform, the world’s first turn-key solution for real-time document handling and business process automation. Compatible with all computers and complex enterprise systems, from in-office environments to remote locations and extreme conditions, Anoto Live™ forms offers real-time data capture and document handling that simplifies workflow, reduces time and cost, and increases overall efficiency.

That’s advanced, and easy.

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Easily Solving Difficult Issues In Every Industry:  User-friendly technology in the office and in the field.

Anoto Live™ forms digital writing platform is the perfect solution to a multitude of issues, across many different industries, in a variety of difficult business environments. The combination of its familiar and unobtrusive pen and paper style process with state-of-the-art digital technology make Anoto Live™ forms a versatile and powerful tool for any business. Just a few examples of where Anoto Live™ forms works:

  • Any paper-based process where there is clear benefit in having faster access to and visibility of the handwritten data, or where loss or delay of paperwork can cause a negative financial, social or regulatory impact to business.
  • Difficult work environments, such as social care, where using expensive equipment, like laptops or tablets, may be risky or intimidating. Using pen and paper is very ubiquitous, less intrusive and more user friendly than other mediums.
  • Procedures that legally require an inked signature yet the business process requires fast access to the completed documentation. For example, in delivery/inspection businesses, digitized service or time sheets prove that work has been completed and enable faster invoicing.
  • Any business using complex paper documents where subsequent sections are completed based on data from previous sections. Mortgage applications are a perfect example. The digital writing platform can interpret the data in almost real time, confirm its accuracy, and utilize it throughout the process.

Cross-industry business case studies prove that Anoto Live™ forms saves time and cuts costs for tasks related to workflow processes. These measurable facts are valuable differences that directly effect productivity and improve the bottom line.

Who benefits from handwriting to digital in real-time?

  • By using the Anoto Live™ forms digital writing solution, NHS Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals Foundation Trust improved patient satisfaction while simultaneously ensuring immediate delivery of £913,000 of CQUIN funding and a further £900,000 each year – all for a cost of only £65,000!
  • Anoto Live™ forms digital writing solution delivered a better way of working to Thyssenkrupp Elevators, slashing their operating costs while speeding up billing and payroll.
  • Hireco saves £75,000 per month through more effective management of fleet service vendors using the Anoto Live™ forms digital writing solution.

Anoto supplies leading companies worldwide with digital writing solutions. Let us show you what we can do for your business.


Anoto Live™ forms makes data capture processes more efficient for any enterprise, and it converts handwriting to universal digital formats able to integrate with, automate and control existing workflow processes.

Put Anoto Live™ Forms To Work For You.

The Forms Your existing business forms are uploaded as PDF’s into the Anoto Live™ forms platform, where you can easily define fields that you would like to have the system interpret as computer data. These adapted forms are then printed, via a suitable laser printer, onto standard printer/copier paper using the supplied software. Print files can also be supplied to certified printing companies, should large volumes or specific finishing be required. These forms can now be completed using the Anoto digital pen, which digitizes and stores handwriting as the user writes. Between 80-110 pages of handwritten text can be stored. Transmission of the captured data is done by docking the pen to a PC via USB, or by using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to upload the data to the digital writing platform. At this point, the data is converted into a PDF and translated into various computer data formats, such as XML. Logic scripted into the platform evaluates each form against a predefined set of rules and informs the user if something is missing. Additional data, such as photos, GPS coordinates, barcodes, voice files, etc. can be added to the form via mobile phone.

Integration and Extensibility

Integrating the data collected by the digital writing platform is enabled through various connectors that allow data to flow between the system and your existing back-office software. If a connector doesn’t already exist, the event driven programming model built into the platform allows developers to create application specific modules to handle the data as a customized workflow. In addition to handling data output, the built-in API provides ways to allow 3rd party applications to print to digital forms with very little change. Thus, existing applications that generate paper forms, which are currently handled manually, can be made to output to digital paper instead, and the information can be collected electronically.

Security and Deployment

The digital writing platform can be deployed either locally (for data sensitive environments) or hosted in the cloud. In either situation, data collected by the pen is recorded in a non-human readable format and options for AES 256bit encoding from the point of capture are available should it be required. Connecting to the platform for administration, design or validation is handled by any SSL-enabled browser running the Adobe® Flash® plugin.


The Anoto Live™ forms platform defines a new frontier in mobile data capture for any business or software developer wanting to translate handwritten information to digital media and integrate that data into their business processes. Modules include:

See statistics on numbers of forms submitted, forms printed, and licenses used. Upload and administer forms and manage user accounts for various roles such as administrators, clerks, printers, users, etc.

Digitization Tool
Upload PDF’s, drag-out and define field types, such as single lines, multi-line, check-boxes, ICR fields, signature and drawing areas. Set character recognition type per field and workflow rules to send data back as emails, XML/PDF, etc.

Form Viewer
Provides an intermediary step that allows users or administrators to validate the field data translation prior to processing. It’s an easy-to-use graphic GUI, with infinite zoom capabilities, to allow users to accurately check data conversion.

Data Transmission
Supports a wide variety of phones, including BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Java based devices, in addition to Windows PC’s. Allows offline submission of forms and attachments such as photos and barcodes.

Supports most color, Adobe Postscript compatible, 600x600dpi (1200dpi preferred) laser printers, including Oki and Ricoh MFP’s. Print files can also be exported for professional printing via an Anoto certified printing company.

System Requirements

Provided as a cloud service, local appliance, or where applicable, re-purposed existing equipment. Servers are sized depending on form complexity, numbers submitted per hour per person and should be viewed as indicative of average use:
< 50 users Single core 2.5Ghz, 2Gb RAM, 250Gb HDD
< 150 users Dual Core 2.5Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD
< 250 user Quad Core Xeon, 2Gb RAM, 750Gb HDD

Web browser with Adobe® Flash® (>10.1) Plug-in
Windows 32/64bit .net 3.5 with 2Gb RAM min

Mobile Phone
Android 2.2 & 4
BlackBerry® < v7.5 (devices with a physical keypad)
Symbian Series 60

600x600dpi (1200dpi preferred) color laser printer with Adobe® Postscript®. Contact Anoto for further information, specifications and limitations.