Anoto Live Digital Pens are designed for a variety of applications and features

Modern technology with a familiar feel: The Anoto Live Pen works and feels like a traditional pen, but captures everything you write as digital data in real time. That’s what it means to write live. Anoto has combined small-sized, cost-efficient components with low power consumption, and a long battery life, to create the most versatile digital pen ever. Built-in Bluetooth and USB capabilities keep you connected, and with minimal to no additional training or changes to your business processes required, you can write live, right now.

Write on any surface: With the natural feel of a regular pen you can write on any surface that has the proprietary Anoto Microdot Pattern. This unique pattern works with the pen’s built-in camera to determine precise positioning on any surface, ensuring fast and accurate data capture. From whiteboards and paper sheets, to tablets and displays, or even a variety of mobile devices, the pen tips are suited to fit the desired surface, allowing you to always write digitally.

Precision positioning: Anoto digital pens provide exact positioning on any Anoto microdot patterned surface, be it paper forms, whiteboards or glass displays. Additionally, pressure and absolute time for each position are all recorded. When this signature information is combined with world-class handwriting recognition capabilities, the resulting editable text far exceeds any other OCR solution.

Transfer in real time, anywhere: Captured data can be sent in real time via Bluetooth to different devices, such as computers, servers and mobile phones, or synchronized via USB on a computer. Simply adding the proprietary Anoto Microdot Pattern to any surface eliminates the need for buttons or a receiver, just check the send box and away it goes.

Reliable and durable: With more than 10 years of experience providing easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable and durable digital pens for an array of purposes and environments, Anoto is the one to trust.


The Anoto Live Pen™ 1 supports data transfer via Bluetooth and USB. It has a built-in memory that stores everything you write, making it suitable for offline applications such as paper forms and note taking.