ADNA Discovery Privacy Policy

Anoto AB (Anoto) uses the individually identifiable information collected from your interaction with the ADNA Discovery app solely for the purpose of improving the product. Individually identifiable information will not be provided, sold, licensed, rented, assigned, or disclosed outside the Anoto family of companies except as required by law, nor will we use your phone number to initiate a call or SMS text message to you without your express prior consent. Your wireless carrier and other service providers may also collect data about your internet connectivity usage and their practices are governed by their own privacy policies. Anoto does not collect details regarding the account you use to take photos nor does it collect the photos themselves. Information automatically collected relates to the usage of the ADNA Discovery app and may include location, time, advertising ID, and ADNA. Anoto uses this data to, in part, analyze application behavior in order to operate, develop, and improve the ADNA Discovery product.